Welcome to the TCM Wiki collaboration platform

Welcome to the TCM wiki standardization collaboration platform! Traditional Chinese medicine wiki standardization collaboration platform is sponsored by the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, with 12 domestic and foreign English journals as the main body, from around the world, experts of Chinese medicine and related fields work together to establish a free , opening bilingual Chinese medicine knowledge base. Currently the English journals involved in the project include (in no particular order):

Chinese Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (in English)

Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine (in English);

World Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (English);

JAH (English);

CTM (English);

Journal of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences (English);

China Journal of Chinese Medicine (English);

Chinese Aprroaches for Difficult Disease (English);

Clinical Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (English);

World Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine (English);

DCM (English);

JIECCM (English)

We welcome more experts in Chinese medicine or reltaed fields to participate in, to contribute to the internationalization and standardization of Chinese medicine!

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